The BEST Excuse EVER – Stolen Car

So I eventually dragged myself to buy Winston his sunscreen and now I know, when I don’t feel like doing something there is definately a greater power trying to steer me in a diffirent direction… I am however not going to steer anything other than my bicycle any time soon as my car got stolen outside the docters office whilst I was innocently buying sunscreen…

I now officially have the best excuse when I don’t want to do something, I have no car…

I have now formed a plan in my head of how I am going to run to work, we’ll have to see how that works out as it’s about 13km there and it may feel a bit further with my laptop on my back. I am also rather surprised with my reaction to the theft and apart from feeling like a bit of a fool standing around looking for my car I am very philosophical about it.  On the bright side neither myself nor my laptop was in the car and they can honestly rather take my car! The other thing that is allmost more upsetting than the fact that I have lost my car is that I renewed my licence last week and paid a R300 fine because it was expired, I should have listned to the excuse in the back of my head and gone at the end of the month…

I am however very sure that the criminals won’t get far.  Said car has been due for a service since February this year and I have recently been very worried that I was going to go around a corner and have my wheels come of while the fan belt snaps and the engine explodes in a big cloud of smoke.  So I really hope while speeding away the nifty thief meets a deserved fate in my little brave Mazda.


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