Happy Place

Today I was showing a little girl photo’s on my phone of all the dogs in my life.  I LOVE dogs! When I meet one, I take a pic, no exceptions.  After looking at photo’s for about ten minutes the mother asked me “How many dogs do you have” and my answer was “none…”  If I tried sneaking a pet into our building my landlady would probably die of a heart atack, so I vent my pet need on other peoples pets.  I have to say having a sister that owns ten dogs really helps.  DON’T worry, she lives on a small holding and they are all spoilt rotten.  Eight of them sleep in the house (Big House) and some of them sleep in beds (Big Beds). She is the proud owner of 6 Boerboels, 2 Border Collies, 1 Jack Russel and 1 Snoodle.  In dog of the day I will introduce all of the pack members that patroll my happy place!

Here are two members of the pack.  On the left a young Miley.  Her name however changed from Miley (Not difficult to think where that name comes from) to a more Afrikaans version Mielie.  In the middle is Tjoeka, she is my absolute favorite dog ever! Her name was originally Stella but then it became Robba, because she is more like a seal and loves swimming.  It them became Muffie because she smells bad when she swims too much.  For some reason my sister sometimes still call her Pupster even though she hasn’t been a puppy for a very long time and weighs around 50kg. The name we allways go back to though is Tjoeka…


2 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Awww, sweet! I love dogs too, have 2 beagles… If ever u want to meet new hounds, they will be more than willing! 😀

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