Saving a Dikkop

I got to know a whole new side of my personality yesterday.  Whilst running I saw a guy walking towards me with something in his hand.  I could immediately see that it was some type of animal.  Up close I saw that it was a Dikkop, not sure what you call them in English, but it’s those Kiewiet type birds that run around in the road at night.  I saw the bird was still alive and realising the poor thing was probably going to end up as dinner made me very cross indeed!  Before I could stop myself I yelled at the guy “What are you doing with that bird?!”. He turned it around and I saw that both its legs were broken.  I can’t remember exactly what i said next but I think I looked pissed off enough for the guy to put the bird down right then and there.  I picked the poor thing up and decided even if it can’t be saved it should be put down humanely.  It must have been quite a sight seeing a sweaty lady running in the road holding a poor dikkop.  A few people almost crashed their cars trying to figure out what i was doing…  My fears were confirmed when the receptionist told me that people often catch big birds in snares as well as cats and then turn them into supper…

I knew if I did nothing I would have probably been very disappointed with myself and at least the poor animal spent it’s last moments in a safe and quiet place rather than next to a noisy road or in a pot…  Moral of the story, keep your pets safe and don’t back down when you can help an animal!


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