Nature of the Beast

I have now made peace with the fact that I will always be a competitive pain in the ass.  I went for a ride with the Velo boys on Saturday and being one of the first proper summer days in a while there were almost as many people as outside Tuli House for Julius’s hearing…  Not having ridden more than a hand full of times since our return from Switzerland did not deter me from the challenge ahead.  Of course I immediately checked out how many girls were present and started planning how i would ride away from them.  The 120km ahead was further than I had ridden in the previous three months put together but I have never been a very reasonable sportswomen.

The ride started rather uneventfully and at the split where the short route containing more level-headed and calm riders split from us I was not interested in joining them.  I was hell-bent on sticking with the group for the full 120km.  I managed to cling onto the group by the hair on my chinny chin chin and told everybody that they should keep a close eye on me because the inevitable implosion would be spectacular.  It came much later than expected and luckily the speed freaks had ridden off the front leaving us to ride along at a very reasonable pace.  I was also able to hide my extreme fatigue and the fact that I was ready to throw up amongst my fellow broken weekend warriors.  I still wonder what it is that makes me go back time and again to this suffering and loving it every time.  Am I crazy, stupid or both.  Well I never really rode away from any of the girls but I saw again that if you want to do something nothing will hold you back.  Not extra weight, being unfit or fear of hitting the wall.  I hope I always stay such a insufferable competitive pain in the ass because it gets me out of bed on the weekends and lets me sleep well at night.


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