All New Daily excuse…

I have been training for my first marathon and have been going along very nicely untill this week…. I am more motivated to put my hand in the toaster or to wash my face with toilet water than to head out onto the road for a run.   Because of this I have been thinking up excuse after excuse to rather sit on the couch and watch Dexter than follow my new program.  Not all of them are new excuses, I have used some of my trusty old ones like “I feel like I’m getting sick” and the classic “I’m tired” a bit too often and had to think up a few new ones.  “I’m having a rest week” and “I have a tight ITB” are two of my brand new ones.  I have actually been making excuses so many days in a row that today I am comfortable with the truth and that is that I am plain and simply put lazy and don’t want to go running! EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeek!!  I do however have to go running if i don’t want to die on the 5th of November during my Kaapsehoop 42km.  I have a feeling this afternoon my back might be sore, but we’ll have to see.


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