I don’t scream like a girl.

After watching Super Cycling this past Tuesday I got a bit worried. Andrew McClean said that if you entered the 94.7 your training should be coming to an end. The part of this that got me worried was that my training for the 94.7 only started yesterday… I should hopefully get in another ride or two before next Sunday, or maybe I shouldn’t ride at all and go there super rested.
So after my marathon last Saturday I could only walk like a person again around Thursday. Before that I was doing something that can’t really be called walking. It was more of a tripped up stumbling crawl. Despite my body going on strike and my plans of going to the 94.7 super rested, I decided to go on a little ride with Winston on Friday after work. We were riding along nicely on Klapperkop when we rode through a swarm of bees, a bit further down the road one of the little bastards managed to climb inside my shirt undetected. I’m not sure what he was doing in there but I think as it came close to my ass he got a bit of a fright and decided to go for broke and sting me in my back. Now this was where I realised that I do not scream like a girl. Most girls have a high pitched scream that makes your ears pop and your head hurt. I don’t. A sound similar to a buffalo being caught or a elephant getting a dart in the but came from my mouth. I was almost as horrified by my own scream as by the stinging pain in my back. Horror was soon replaced by laughter when I saw the expression on my husbands face after he turned around to come and save me from what ever it was that was causing this foul noise…
Well, I hope I’m never on a sinking ship or a falling aeroplane because my screams will definitely not make the situation any less horrifying.


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