Any Predictions? Velo ride coming up…

Definition of a Velo Ride: Bunch of guys with too much testosterone and blinged up bikes meet in the dark on a Tuesday morning with only one goal. To ride as hard as possible and see who lasts longest and who cries big old ‘Man Tears’ when they drop. The route is about 50km and goes out on Lynnwood rd, left on Boschkop and then back the same way. If you’re in the front group on a Tuesday it gives you serious bragging rights. I haven’t been near the front for over three years and am certainly not gonna be there tomorrow.

The reason for finding my way back to a Tuesday velo ride is that i am still recovering from my marathon. For said ‘recovery’ (If you can call bleeding from your ears and getting stung by bees while on a bike recovery) I have dusted off the old Bianchi again… The thought of running so soon after my marathon sends me into a sweaty stress fit, not that the idea of riding with Velo doesn’t send me into a sweaty panic either, but o well. So tomorrow I will go on a Tuesday Velo ride for the first time in over a year. I am under no illusion and know I am probably going to go down in a blaze of glory within the first five kilometres of the ride but what the hell. So here are my predictions of what will happen tomorrow:
1. A miracle will happen and I will actually last for 15km before I drop, I will then cry a bit and then carry on.
2. I will drop on Hans Strydom 2km into the ride, cry a bit and then carry on.
3. I will drop turning into Lynwood road, cry a bit and then carry on.
4. Be so broken that I ride off the road and pass out after I cried a bit…
No matter what happen, I am sure I am going to cry a bit and maybe even throw up but for some reason this is my definition of fun. What’s not gonna be that much fun is tomorrow afternoon when I’m trying to work and I wanna fall asleep at my desk but I can’t wait!
Bring IT!


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