Day 9 – Inspiring Person


Initially I was planning on taking a photo of myself… Yes, Myself. I am very inspired but not usually by people, more by situations and events. I was however very inspired this morning by my hubby Winston. It’s really not easy to drag your carcass out of bed in the morning at 4h30 to go to the toilet, so to go cycling is about 109 865 233 times harder. The fact that I haven’t gone riding on a Tuesday with the group for over a year, that I’m a bit overweight and very unfit doesn’t really help either. Winston however gets up every Tuesday and goes thought this suffer fest and then heads to work with a smile on his face. I don’t know if this will happen again any time soon, me going for a Velo ride that is, but this morning for a few moments I was truly inspired…
PS: This photo was taken this morning at 4h55… Doesn’t he look cute so early in the morning.


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