Day 14 – Movement


Things went a bit wrong for me on day 14.  The day after my birthday I had big plans of riding the 94.7.  Well what can I say, things went South… I was definitely feeling my ‘age’.  I was standing around at the start waiting for friends to ride to the start when out of NOWHERE my back packed up and I couldn’t move.  I obviously had a pinched nerve and was horribly stuck.  What was worse was that Winston had taken off with our car keys and I was not in the mood to stand around for three hours waiting for him.  I made my way to the start in pain having to tell everybody that I had hurt my back… The look I got said ‘Yeah Right’  O well, whatever.  This turned out to be the start of a very long week for me.  I did however manage to take a photo of movement while standing at the finish, in a hell of a lot of pain, waiting for Winston.  I am definitely getting old if just standing around paralyses me completely…


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