Day 16 – Animals


Here I am cheating again… This is actually a very old photo but one of my all time favorites.  It was taken in May this year on one of my visits to the Kruger National Park.  We were staying at the Orpen camp and as my family know I am a MAJOR pain in the ass when it comes to leaving early.  If the gates opened at 2h00 I would happily get up at 1h00 and start making coffee and packing the cooler with eggs and other breakfast goodies.  This specific morning I worked myself into a fit because my sister was taking longer than what was acceptable to me and I resigned myself that we would definitely see NOTHING because we were out the gate after everybody else.  I was wrong.  Not even 5km from the camp this small group of Wild Dogs was snoozing in the road.  It was the first time in twenty-five years that I saw wild dogs in the Kruger.

The crazy thing was that around thirty kilometres further we encountered another pack of around 5 dogs.  They were running in the road towards Satara and we drove behind them for about 10km! It was like winning the wild dog lottery!

We all got Wild Dog soft toys at Satara.


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