Things I want to do in 2012

I have to say that 2012 so far has been very good.  Too busy but good.  I think it’s a good idea to put it out there what I would like to do and achieve in 2012.

1.  365 days to write 365 pages.  I still want to write a book and get published.  Nobody is really excited about this but i am…  Have actually finished my prologue and three chapters so we’ll see.

2.  Run the Comrades Marathon.

3.  Move into a bigger house.

4.  Get a dog.

5. Visit my dear friend Janine and her two boys more often! (Photo)

This list is a work in progress so things will probably get added on here…

3 thoughts on “Things I want to do in 2012

      1. O my LOL. Ek het toe vir jou ‘n boodskap gestuur en gese ek gaan niks se tot jy klaar is en ‘n hele picture kan kry nie. Ek neem aan jy het die mail gemis/gedelete/nie gesien nie?

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