Back in the Saddle – Coming Home


Working for one of the biggest and best Friesian Studs in the country I have been asked many times ‘So why don’t you ride?’ I always greeted this question with the same answer. ‘I don’t ride things that can think for themselves…’  I however woke up one day and decided that after eighteen years I would get back in the saddle.  I was worried about  few things though.

1. Getting on.  This seems easy enough but lifting your leg that high to get into the stirrup is actually a lot harder than anticipated.  You can use a bucket or something else to stand on but as I’ve been told if you ‘moer’ off on a outride you won’t have a bucket to help you get back on and Then What… The first few times I think everybody that was watching burst out laughing despite me threatening to kill them with fire if they did but I seem to have gotten the hang of it.  I have in the mean time even jumped on Theuns B’s back with no saddle (photo top) which has been the most fun!

2.  Wrapping myself around a pole or crashing into a wall, this has happened this week but luckily not to me… And even seeing my good friend and instructor Nynke tearing her calf muscle in two very separate pieces has not put me off.

3. Wearing riding pants.  After wearing lycra for many years as a cyclist putting on riding pants shouldn’t be that scary but it was… Riding pants also seem to come up all the way to under your armpits which I never understood untill I tried getting on (see nr 1).  If you lift your leg up that high hipster pants won’t work and everybody at the yard will see your ass…

These few points however have not deterred me and the highlight of my day now involves riding a young mare Delilah of Millford that I am helping to put under saddle and gelding Theuns B.  Two very different horses but one very similar invatuation.  In the words of my good friend and horse guru Alida (photo bottom on Friso fan S.) “Riding again after many years is like coming home”



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