I got sucked in!

It has not taken long for me to jump abroad the Mountain Bike Band Wagon.  When Winston decided at the beginning of the year to aquire a mountain bike it only took me about 15.7 seconds to get sucked into the dusty whirlpool that is mountainbiking.  I have to admit that being the painfully competative idiot that I am I have had to approach this business with a hell of a lot of caution.  In the past ten years I only got on a mountain bike once and it did not end well… My competative personality saw me chasing down a kid on Klapperkop and all I will say is I ended up in a sad heap in a cloud of dust covered in a lot of blood.

So it is easy to see why I have decided to take this mountain biking thing easy as if I do it any diffirently I will probably end up wrapped around a tree somewhere or at the bottom of a dropoff crying for my mommy.  It has turned out to be great fun and I’ve done all the ASG Night Races which involves racing around single track with a light attached to your handle bar.  To combat my own competative nature I ride with good friends who are not interested in going fast at all and we allways start at the back and carry a GPS device so everybody can see where the back of the race is…  It’s this exact craziness that draws me to it.  There are not many people who’s idea of fun involves racing around a pitch dark track in a oxygen depleted sweaty mess, but it take all types right?  The highlight of this race each time is the Shebeen located two kilometres from the finish where you can have shooters and beer and every race sees our GPS dot stop there for more than a few minutes.  Looking at this little fact it’s also easy to understand why I am so big on mountain biking.  They don’t seem to have the same uptight attitude as road riders and having fun is very high on the list of prioroties.

So even though I only ride once every two to three weeks I love it and have not wrapped myself around a tree… Yet.

(Photo: at the Sondela MTB challenge hosted by ASG Events. Riding at the back having a lot of fun in the thick sand. They should rather have called the race Sandela!)

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