Project Skeletor

Recently I have been keeping myself busy and entertained with Project Skeletor. I have received so many questions about what this means that I will now proceed with a short explanation.

I am happiest when I’m aiming and working towards something and recently, in a typical moment of madness, I entered for the Otter Trail event. (YouTube clip, WATCH! It’s Awesome) This involves doing the entire hiking trail consisting of 42 brutally tough kilometres in one go with a time limit of 11 hours. When the opportunity presented itself and being a total sucker for punishment I only thought about doing this for about half a day before confirming the entry and really hurting my savings doing so.  So this is where Project Skeletor kicked in.  I realised that if I did not whip my considerable ass into shape I would actually have to use the compulsory whistle and space blanket when the trail running gods reduced me to a teary heap lying next to the Bloukrans River.

So Project Skeletor is actually just a fun way of describing a really annoying and depressing thing.   A Diet that involves going to bed every night with a grumbly stomach in the pursuit of fitness and a strange sense of sanity.  I won’t go into too many details of what this diet involves as my beer, wine and tuna consumption has raised a few eyebrows.  I have to just admit that it’s a lot more successful than the futile cupcake diet of 2011.  So watch this space for a follow up story that will hopefully involve me not chasing cut offs at the otter or rolling down a flight of never ending steps.


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