MeMe Time.

Some more Meme’s and as usual I stole it from Alida Sorry Flamingo!

  1. How old are you in five years? Too old to think about it so lets say 25… I have been 25 for the past 5 years and have decided that that is the age I like best…
  2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? Myself
  3. How tall are you? 1.72m
  4. What is the last movie you saw? Actually can’t remember.
  5. Who called you last? A good Friend
  6. Who did you call last?  My sister – Marlise.
  7. What was the last text message you received? From Andrie telling me she’s renewing my Runners World Subscription 🙂
  8. Do you prefer calling or texting? Calling.  My phone bill is frightning. I call my friends every day, and sometimes I call them more than once a day. 
  9. Are your parents married or divorced? They were married untill my father died in 2004
  10. When did you last see your mother? The day I came back from the Kruger Park.  I dropped her off at home.
  11. What colour eyes do you have? Depends on my mood.  Anything from green to grey to blue.
  12. When did you wake up today? At 3, I have not been sleeping well! AT ALL, and it’s PISSING ME OFF! I’m like a zombie during the day and then the energizer bunny at night… I have had enough and am gonna try to drink Biral from tonight… Let’s hope it works.
  13. What is your favourite Christmas song? Not crazy about them. Reminds me of crazy shopping on the 24th for last minute presents.
  14. What is your favourite place? Kruger Park. Boring, I know.
  15. What place do you prefer the least? Anywhere in my car sitting in trafic!
  16. Where do you think you will find yourself in ten years? Hopefully healthy and fit working on my bucket list.
  17. What scared you about the night as a child? Being burried alive, the deep end of the pool, closing windows at night (something was gonna grab my hand), the dark, moths, robbers… The list carries on. I was a big old woessie!
  18. What made you really laugh last? Not something I wish to discuss here.
  19. How big is your bed? Double
  20. Do you have desktop or laptop computer? Laptop.
  21. Do you sleep with or without clothes on you? Totally dependant on mood. If I have too much wine I easily colapse with all my clothes on the bed and wake in a pool of slobber with a stiff neck or otherwise I have a host of old running shirts.  I have tried sleeping in my birthday suit but then I end up not sleeping.
  22. How many pillows do you have in bed? 2
  23. How many provinces have you lived in? 2 Western Cape and Gauteng.  Won’t mind living in Mpumalanga.
  24. Which cities/towns have you lived in? Cape Town, Parkhurst, Pretoria. I’m a Pretoria girl. The Cape is too cool for me and Jhb too rushed.
  25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet? Boots. I love winter when I get to wear my gumboots all day long!
  26. Are you social? Very! I have many lovely friends that I am very gratefull for!
  27. What is your favourite ice cream? I don’t eat ice cream. Unless it’s in a Whiskey Dom Pedro.
  28. What is your favourite dessert? Pascali’s Belgian Chocolate.
  29. Do you like Chinese food? Who doesn’t?
  30. Do you like coffee? WHO DOESN’T? Without my cup of brown in the morning I…. can’t even imagine so lets not go there.
  31. What do you have for breakfast? I usually have a scary bowl of oats the size of a saucepan containing yoghurt, peanut butter, honey and sometimes muesli as well but since the inception of Project Skeletor I’m having All Bran (Yuk)
  32. Do you sleep on a particular side? All over the place! It’s even possible that I wake up with my head on the wrong side of the bed.
  33. Can you play poker? O yes! And I love it! And I’m good at it!
  34. Do you like to cuddle/snuggle? Depends…
  35. Are you a dependent person? Definately not.
  36. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? A girl that went to school with me, I think her name was Corlia… Haven’t seen her in over 15 years though.
  37. Do you have children? No.
  38. Do you know any other languages than English? Afrikaans and I really want to learn to speak Zulu. REALLY!
  39. Have you ever driven an ambulance? Huh? No… But it should be fun.
  40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? Ocean.
  41. What do you spend any money on? Eating out, Books, Running, Holidays…
  42. Do you have precious jewellery? I lost my most precious bracelet my sister got me in a little shop in the Black Forest in Germany when I crashed in Golden Gate.  I am sure it’s still lying next to the road. I must just go find it.
  43. What are your favourite shows on TV? Two and a Half men, Dexter, True Blood, Bones, 70’s Show.
  44. Can you roll your tongue? Nope
  45. Who is the funniest person you know? Mathew De Jongh comes to mind first.
  46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Fuck no!
  47. What is your ringtone? Some boring iPhone thing
  48. Do you still have clothes from when you were little? Unfortunately not.
  49. What are you closest to you right now that is red? My persian carpet
  50. Do you flirt much? No.  Not really the flirty type.
  51. Can you change the oil on the car? Nope
  52. Have you received a speeding ticket ever? Yes, I couldn’t even deny it as it was my sisters bakkie and it had my bike on the back. All depicted in a perfect color photograph. R500 later.
  53. What was the last book you read? Something by Karen Rose and now reading 50 Shades of Grey.
  54. Do you read a newspaper?Does the back page count?
  55. Subscribe to a magazine: Yes, Runners World
  56. Do you dance in the car? All the time
  57. Which radio station did you listen to you last? 5FM
  58. What was the last thing you scribbled down on paper? numbers… I was doing VAT
  59. When were you at church last? A very very long time ago.  Probably either for a wedding or a funeral. O ja, Merv’s funeral in February.
  60. Are you happy? Jip:)

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