Pretoria Show

So last week was a busy week but I have to just say how proud I am of all our horsies! Again we came in ahead of a number of imported horses with our locally bred talent which pleases me greatly! The two days at the show was however an emotionally driven and stress filled few hours, and had it not been for the presence of Lida, who on more than one occasion took me by the shoulders shaking me and saying ‘Get it together man’ I would very possibly run screaming for the hills!

Our results:

Bakkies van Doorndraai – 1st Stallion over 3 but under 5 (Photo bottom)

Bart van Doorndraai – 1st Star Stallion over 3 but under 5 & Supreme Champion Stallion In-Hand (Photo top)

Pandora van Doorndraai – 1st Voorlopige Kroon Mare & Reserve Champion Mare In-Hand

Alma van Doorndraai – 2nd Star Mares over 3 but under 5

Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ – Champion Studbook Stallion Single Harness, Driven by Nynke Bosma

Friso fan S. – Champion FPS Stallion with Breeding Permission Single Harness, Driven by Nynke Bosma

After a few good results and a Vawter at the News Cafe my blood pressure also seemed to settle down a bit and the day ended with the first proper thunder shower of summer.  Realising the blackness on the horizon did not bode well for showing horses we decided to bring everybody back to the farm and it turned out to be a race against time which we just won, staying ahead of the hailstorm all the way home.  Blackness fell on the Pretoria afternoon and that was also the end of the show.  At least we got a few good results and I managed not to pull all my hair out and only have one horse stand on my foot.

I just want to say thank you to Alida, Nynke, Theus and all our Doorndraai grooms who made the day so great! At the next show I will hopefully be riding Delilah not embarrassing myself too much! Watch this space!


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