A List of Favorites – mEmE

Another day another meme… Also to be found here: Jenty  Gina’s  Cat’s Angel’s Mind and OF COURSE Alida

Favourite song – I am somebody who can listen to a song on repeat for 9 days non stop not getting tired of it. Untill recently it was the entire Lana Del Rey – Born to Die CD but yesterday I discovered a new gal called Tailor (NOT SWIFT) She is dark, depressing and strange! Love it!

Favourite shop – Woolworths. For everything from food to clothes to airtime:)

Favourite chocolate – Lindt, Lindt LINDT o did I say L.I.N.D.T!!

Favourite food – I am a total foodie and eat allmost anything… Sushi and seafood is however at the top of my list.

Favourite flower – Wild Flowers or Roses

Favourite shoes – My gumboots. This is problematic in summer as stumbling around outside in 35 degree heat in my boots becomes a bit… How shall I put this… Sweaty. Otherwise my red All Stars.  I have a pair of ankle breakers but don’t wear them often.

Favourite drink – Good Red Wine like Diemersfontein Pinotage or KWV Cafe Pinotage, Orange Juice and COFFEE

Favourite lens – I take photo’s with my ‘ekPhone’ so…

Favourite place to walk the dogs – Don’t have my own dogs but my sister’s ‘pack’ spend a lot of time with me outside with the horses so I would have to say the stables.

Favourite place to take the kids – Kids… What kids…

Favourite coffee for every day at home – Jakobs Kronung and when I can get it Douwe Egberts Kenyan Mocha, very yummie!

Favourite coffee shop – Bicccs in Waterkloof. I have been going there since they started out and have introduced many of my friends to the splendour that is Gavin’s Bread, Ice Cream, Croisants, Cakes, Coffee and Sandwiches (BICCCS) I like sitting there for so long that I first have a breakfast then lunch and then cake…

Favourite pizza place – Pascali’s or Caraffa

Favourite place to take photos – Everywhere.  I take photo’s of EVERYTHING especially animals.

Favourite place for holidays – Kruger Park, Garden Route or my family’s farm.

Favourit website –Easy one! Pinterest keeps me busy for hours. Love it.

These ones were not on the original List but I felt I had to add it

Favourite Biscuits – Iced Zoo…

Favourite Movie – The Professional, Big Blue and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape



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