My Bucket List

My official Bucket List

I have decided to make my own bucket list… And today while I’m drafting this list I fully intend to do the things on this list! So help me God.  I have to just say that after starting the list I went into a bit of a panic as I am very worried that I won’t get to do all these things… Well I’m hell bent on trying.

So here it is in no particular order:

  1. Go on a real African Safari in Botswana, Zambia or Tanzania
  2. Take my own dogs that I don’t have yet to the beach
  3. Get another tattoo DONE
  4. Run the Augrabies Extreme Marathon
  5. Go on a holiday in a camper van
  6. Do the Otter Trail Run and finish it DONE, only just but none the less…
  7. Write a book
  8. Go camping in the Kruger Park for 2 weeks
  9. Volunteer at a Wildlife rehabilitation centre
  10. Drive a cabriolet through a desert a tad pissed without my top
  11. Grow my hair that it’s so long I have a braid that reaches my ass
  12. Take part in a under saddle class with my girlie horse Delilah
  13. Do a Mountain Bike stage race with a friend
  14. Take part in a proper Poker tournament
  15. Dip Dye my hair
  16. Water Ski without tearing any muscles
  17. Go to the West Coast to eat snoek and go fishing
  18. Go to a race track and put money on a horse race
  19. Go to the Okavango Delta
  20. Learn to play the piano ‘again’
  21. Visit South America and get bitten by 1000 mosquito’s
  22. Ride an elephant
  23. Ride a camel
  24. Learn to drink espresso DONE
  25. Do a Trail run Stage race with a friend
  26. White Water Rafting in Zambia
  27. Watch a big concert like Lady Gaga before I’m too old to enjoy it
  28. Learn to play and understand Golf
  29. Bungee Jump at the Blou Krans Bridge in the Eastern Cape
  30. Go to the Fish River Canyon
  31. Go to the Kalahari
  32. Do the half Ironman Triathlon
  33. Learn to drink and enjoy Whiskey
  34. Go wine tasting in the Cape
  35. Start a book club
  36. Braai a warthog on the spit
  37. Smoke a joint in the middle of the bushveld
  38. Go for a drink at the ‘Big Baobab Bar’ in Modjadi’s kloof in Limpopo
  39. Go to Robin Island
  40. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  41. Spend a whole weekend sleeping not getting out of bed
  42. Have a vegetable patch
  43. Go hiking in the Drakensberg
  44. Climb Kilimanjaro
  45. Go watch a local soccer derby at Soccer city, Makarappa, Vuvuzela & all
  46. Swim with dolphins in the ocean DONE
  47. Ride a Jet Ski
  48. Cage diving with Sharks in Cape Town
  49. Have children… One day
  50. Go to Thailand
  51. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  52. Go on a holiday on a houseboat or a yacht
  53. Do the Duzi race
  54. Go Skiing
  55. Learn to ride a motorbike and ride across Botswana
  56. Accept myself for who I am, be happy and live everyday as if it’s my last DONE

This list is a work in progress…


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