Day 1 – Something you hate about yourself

Hate is a very strong word I have to say, I don’t really do hate… I also have to admit that I don’t particularly hate anything about myself or anybody in particular.  I am annoying that way.  The only thing that comes to mind that I don’t like about myself is how very critical I can be about my body.  Being a professional cyclist for so many years I practically had a bloody melt down every time I gained twenty grams or got a bit bloated in the fear of being prodded with the callipers of doom by the team doctor.  This and the fact that I’m not a tiny petite fluffy girl to begin with made it all the more challenging to fit into the frighteningly unrealistic mould of a professional cyclist.  I retired from cycling about two years ago and I have to say I am happier with myself now than I have ever been.  Food no longer pulls faces at me and I can drink wine without being terrified of the ‘hidden calories’. I am however always busy with some kind of quest to be healthy and at the moment it’s Project Skeletor which is successful on some strange level.    So there you have it, I don’t want to say I hated my body but I very definitely wasn’t crazy about it when I was younger.  I still want bigger boobs and a flatter stomach but I know I am younger today than I will be tomorrow and I love myself more now than I ever have.


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