Growing Up

I know I’m getting old because I had a thought that started with ‘Kids nowadays….’ Mortified this got me thinking about how much has changed in the past twenty years.  My dad always told a story about how he had to milk the cows before he went to school.  He told that bloody story about once a week…

So these are things that stand out in my mind from growing up… And growing up in the eighties sure was fun!

  1.  Played in the mud and actually sold ‘modder koeke’ to my parents
  2. Walked to the corner shop three blocks away from my house armed with R2.00 that you could buy a sweet, a packet of chips and a cream soda.
  3. Climbed trees and occasionally fell out
  4. Swam till my toes had no skin on from jumping in and out the pool
  5. Slept under the table while my parents played scrabble
  6. Magnum, McGuyver and Airwolf
  7. Played tennis against the wall until all the neighbours went crazy
  8. Roller skating and later Roller blading
  9. Walked to school, FAR!
  10. Zet and the crazy guy that drew the bible stories. He sure could colour fast.
  11. Took the bus to go somewhere alone
  12. Being chased to bed when Dalas started
  13. Pac Man
  14. Telephone with no buttons
  15. Good Morning South Africa & Body Beat
  16. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny
  17. Skipping out on church on sunday nights to watch 50/50
  18. Passing notes in class at school
  19. Movies at Sterland in Sunny Side
  20. Flinkdink and Edwil van Aarde
  21. Haas Das, Knersis, Mina Moo and ‘Manemerak is my naam, ek kom ver van hier vandaan’
  22. Old R2 notes and the huge amount of chappies you could buy with them
  23. He-Man
  24. TV’s without remote controls
  25. Church bazaars
  26. Playing ‘Toktokkie’
  27. Ballade vir ‘n enkeling…
  28. ‘Orkney Snork Nie’, ‘Arende’ en ‘Vyf Ster’

This is also a work in progress so feel free to add if you grew up in the eighties!


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