Day 11 – Something people seem to compliment you on most

I am a very happy person so my friends (even the most gloomy ones, you know who you are;) often tell me my enthusiasm and happy vibe is infectious.  Luckily enthusiasm isn’t something people mind catching… I often tire myself out with my clown antics and actually enjoy being by myself as it can sometimes be mighty exhausting to be the fire started that I am.  I grew up in a larger than life family where if you don’t have a good sence of humor and a strong personality you would definitely fade into the background and miss out on a hell of a lot of fun and games.  It makes sence to me that my family planted the seeds of enthusiasm in my heart that people love about me so much.

This is not me but I can totally picture myself in a Tigger Suit jumping out at my friends so beware!


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