Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days

I have recently relied more on the TV to get me through the day. Looking back now I’m horrified at the amount of television I was watching on a daily basis. I even got reminded of my friendship agreement with Alida that strictly states that watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’, ‘The Bachelor’ and pretty much anything with Kim Kardashian violates this agreement to the point where the friendship may be annulled… I watched anything and everything. Luckily things have changed and purchased myself the coolest Skull Candy that was the best R350 ever spent.

I am actually going through a very tumultuous time in my life and at the moment the Kongo’s and Angnus Obel is keeping me in a good mood even though Agnus sometimes seem to feel so sorry for herself it’s rather depressing. Right at the top of the list however is Only Joking and Take me Home by the Kongo’s.



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