Day 14 – A hero that has let you down

Again I am going to be irritating with my answer.  I do not get let down that easily, for somebody to let you down you have to expect something of them and I don’t let myself expect much from people.  I am also not somebody with a lot of hero worship in me even though I have to admit that I get very excited when I watch rugby…  I do however think a hero that has let a lot of people down recently is Lance Armstrong with the doping allegations that have been haunting him for years coming to a climax in recent months.  People very quickly jump on the band wagon and are eager to share their opinions so here are my two cents.

I can’t say that I am disappointed in him with what is being said in the press and actually just wish they would leave him alone.  Cycling many years ago had a culture of doping and I think the majority of the athletes doped at one or other stage in their careers.   To single out Lance now after all these years is indeed very unfair and if they had to put all the other athletes from his era through the same he has been put through cycling would have a even more tarnished reputation for doping.  People differ in how they feel about him but I feel the work he has done with cancer patients and being an inspiration for so many people not even remotely involved in sport weighs so much heavier than any doping indiscretion he could have committed.

I think I’m talking in circles but isn’t that the point of this blogging effort?


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