Day 15 – Something or someone you just can’t live without

I wrote this last night when I was in a very dark spot.  I feel better this morning but am not going to change it… I amuse myself a bit with my rants.

If you say you can’t live without something does that mean you will die without it? Sorry but I am in an annoyingly bad, black and bitchy space at the moment! If you then don’t have this thing you can’t live without what are you going to do? Lie down and cry, scream, die or hit the floor like a bad tempered toddler? Like I have heard and been told so many times the past few weeks ‘Sack up Cupcake’.  If you think you can’t live without something or someone you probably can, and in time will get used to the idea of not having it and move on.  If you think about it you have to live without these types of things all the bloody time.  I can really do with a limitless credit card, a tropical Island, a flatter stomach, my own personal sushi chef and all kinds of other silly things but if you’ve also never had it you will never know that living without it would be a problem.  So yes, SACK UP!  If I have to however think on a more light hearted level these are a few things I can’t live without:

  1. Good coffee
  2. Good Red Wine
  3. Nice Chocolate
  4. A nice Book
  5. A warm Bath
  6. A long Run
  7. Driving with no traffic
  8. A good nights sleep
  9. Unconditional love
  10. A good laugh with close friends
  11. Music that moves you
  12. Dogs
  13. Family
  14. Sleeping late

These are just a few small things and I can most probably live without them but they make life just a bit more liveable…


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