Day 18 – What gets you out of bed in the mornings

I am a total morning person and it’s more a question of me having to get something to keep me in bed. Except when I’m a bit hung over I usually shoot out of bed as soon as the first bird chirps good morning. I do however usually spectacularly run out of petrol somewhere between one and two in the afternoon, so sleeping later than 04h00 will greatly improve my quality of life. I took Marlise to the High Performance Centre this morning for her weekly visit to the physio and actually fell asleep right there on their big brown couch while waiting for her, I woke up when I started druling on myself not knowing exactly where I was to the sight of a number of students having a good laugh at my expence. Needless to say I have recently been trying very hard not to get up at night and wander around the house and I’ve also tried to force myself to sleep past 04h00. It hasn’t been very succesful and except for randomly falling asleep in awkward places during the day I’m not complaining too much. So as far as needing something to get me up in the morning, I think it’s obvious that like many things this does not apply to me…


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