Day 20 – Your view on drugs and alcohol

I am very glad I am writing about this today.  After a few weeks of seeing how far I can push my body by sleeping too little, drinking too much, smoking a few cigarettes and also running a little race called the Otter Trail Run down in the Cape, my body finally decided to give me the finger.  I woke up and got taken hostage by the kakkest flu virus I have ever had the pleasure of hosting.  Stumbling around at work I felt very sorry for myself and cried behind a straw bale on more than one occasion during the day.  The reason I am mentioning this is because had it not been for the wonderful ‘cocktail of over the counter medication’ (long soft name for drugs) my good friend pumped into my sweaty fever riddled body I would have probably died from self-pity or dehydration caused by lying in a bed with a duvet and a blanket in my sweat pants in 35 degree weather…  I know it doesn’t really count as drugs but that’s my story for the day.

When it comes to hard drugs, I try not to think about it too much.  I am happy that it has never been part of my life and hope it never will.  Regarding alcohol my sister recently posted a joke which sums it up perfectly : “I was going to bake you a rum cake, but now it’s just a cake and I’m drunk”  That about sums it up for me!


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