Day 21 – Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life

I believe in no regrets so I can’t really say there is something big that I wish I hadn’t done.  I did however recently finish the Otter Trail run and I think if I maybe drank, smoke and ate a bit less in the weeks running up to it I would have probably had a slightly better run, not chasing cut off’s as has been my habit lately.   It was however so much fun I can’t really say I wish I didn’t do it, my body didn’t agree with me and brought me to a grinding halt about two weeks ago with a stomach ulcer but I have already recovered and am fighting fit again.  I hope in 2013 I can run at least a bit faster but can’t guarantee that I won’t have a beer the night before or misbehave in some way but hell Life is too short and nobody ever remember nights they went to bed early so screw it and bring it on!

This is what you look like after almost 11  hours of falling around in the mud on the Otter Route with a tired liver and even more tired legs!


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