Day 27 – If you got pregnant what would you do

This is probably what would happen:

1. I would do 10 pregnancy tests to make sure it’s not a mistake

2. Upon finding out that it’s not a mistake I will probably faint/throw up/curse/have heart failure or a combination of the four

3. And then I will then get over myself and deal with it.

I am a firm believer that nobody get’s pregnant by accident so unless God decides to punish me for my arogance I know this little surprise will not be one to brighten my day any time soon! Funny enough most of my friends actually really struggled to get pregnant so I allways wonder when those types of ‘accidents’ happen. I am also terrified of bringing a child into a relationship that is not rock solid as I have seen the most solid of relationships take strain under the crying, druling, sleepless test that is children. I also really think women often use getting pregnant as a weapon to snare or keep a man and for this they should be dragged out into the street and… Never mind…


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