30 Days of Gratitude – The Instagram Edition

I have to say that I really struggled through my previous Blog Challenge (30 days of blablabla).  Some of the questions were a bit too deep and depressing for my liking so I think it took more like 60 days than 30 days for me to complete…

So as usual I have shamelessly stolen this idea from Alida’s blog, but I’m actually really excited about it.  I Do however think I will do it on a daily basis rather than weekly.

I have a hell of a lot to be grateful for so I don’t think I’m going to struggle that much to find things to take photo’s of and will try to honestly take a new photo each day!  I will also try very hard to not skip 5299 days like I did with the previous challenge but can’t promise anything.

 Day 1 – Being Afrikaans. 

I found this on my way home from the farm in Thabazimbi at the Beeste Kraal Stasie close to Brits.  The place is a treasure chest of old crap! What makes me grateful in this pic is even though it’s got very Italian Sophia Lauren on the cover it reminds me of being Afrikaans and I’m happy, gratefull and very proud to be a ‘boertjie’.  I am very disappointed that I didn’t go to the effort of checking out the article about ‘Mooi maak Operasies, Als wat u wil weet’, can you imagine… Plastic surgery in the 70’s?! Scary!


Day 3 – Getting up Early


I feel so lucky to have sport in my life! If not I would never have seen this sunrise! I dragged my carcass very unwillingly out of bed to join my friend Janine at bootcamp 5h30 after missing yesterday’s class because of a hang over.  Feeling a hell of a lot better than twenty four hours before I took this pic on Garsfontein road! At 5h00 in the morning the roads of Pretoria are completely deserted, and it feels like it all belongs to only you.  I am worried about getting up in winter and driving there in darkness but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

Day 2 – Miracles


This picture was taken of the devestating fire that tore through St Francis a few weeks ago.  Had the wind blown a few metres in a diffirent direction a good friends house would also have been destroyed like so many others.  Seeing the horrible photo’s and video footage of what the fire left in it’s wake makes you realise it’s a miracle that nobody died!

Some more unimportant meme drivel

Another meme stolen from Angel

Age – I turned 33 a week ago and I actually celebrated for about a week… And I still feel 25!

Bed size – um… KING! For now…

Chore you hate – Emptying the dustbin. I don’t do that!

Dogs – None at the moment but my sister owns 11 so I’m cool with that.

Essential start to your day – Well duh! Coffee.

Favourite colour – At the moment I would have to say aquamarine… I think that’s what it’s called…

Gold or silver – Neither. I don’t wear that type of jewelry and if I would have to choose I would say Platinum and I guess that doesn’t count.

Height – 1.72 and I’m sure I’m getting shorter…

Job title – I have a very colorful story of what the people from the Netherlands call what I do but I don’t know who reads this blog and I don’t want to offend anybody so let’s go with Stable Manager… I am in the VERY privileged position to work for the biggest and best (in my opinion) Friesian Stud in South Africa, Doorndraai Friesian Stud, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Kids– Nope, I do want kids but then when I go to Woolworths and there is a mom behind me in the queue looking like she wants to run away with a screaming baby in the cart and another one tugging at her dress with a face full of chocolate I am actually relieved that hasn’t happened for me yet.

Live – In Blue Bulls country!

Mom’s name – Altie, So technically I’m Altie Jnr.  I am kinda my moms clone.

Nicknames – When I was still cycling I had 2.  Bomber, because I flew downhill like a bomber, dropping bombs on innocent villagers and the other one AltieAltitude, for reason’s unknown because I was never a good climber.  Where it comes from is open for discussion.

Overnight hospital stays – Too many to remember. Ear, appendix, ear, Asthma, ear and then the worst was by far when I crashed myself to pieces in Clarens and broke my collar bone and scapula.

Pet peeve – I have many but sitting here right now I can’t think of any… I would have to say traffic.

Quote from a movie– ‘You can’t Polish a Turd’ – Owen Wilson in Drillbit Taylor.  Very, very true!

Righty or lefty– Righty, and very much so! The whole left side of my body is pathetic.

Siblings– Two sisters.

Time you wake up– I usually wake up a little while before the sun comes up so it varies from winter to summer.

Underwear – It’s a secret

Vegetables you dislike– I love veggies but can’t put my lips to brussel sprouts. YUK!  I could probably eat it if you serve it with a block of melted cheese though…

What makes you run late– Nothing, I am never late.

X-rays– Too many. Being a cyclist doesn’t really help.  Ear, Shoulder, Ear, Colar bone, Ear, Sinus, Scapula, Ear, Hand, Ear, Scull, Ear, Arm, Ear… I think you get the idea.

Yummy food you make– I am a foodie and love spending time in the kitchen with a glass of wine. I don’t want to brag but I get complimented on my cooking all the time.

Zoo favourite animal – I love seeing all the funky animals we don’t have in South Africa like Koala bears, Red Panda’s, Kangeroos, Chimps, Bears and the like. And I go to the zoo at least once a year.

Day 30 – A letter to yourself…

I hate to admit it but I thought this bloody challenge would never end… It was just a tad to ‘honest’ for me.  I can’t really say the prospect of writing a letter to myself is any more enticing but o well, let’s try.

I will write it to my 16-year-old self

26 November 2012

Dearest Teenage Altie,

I don’t really have that much to say to you except that yes, life is actually as tough as it seems but it will get better and you will learn to cope with things that seem impossible to deal with right now!  Don’t worry too much about how much you hate school because many of the people who torment you will become exactly what they deserve and you will be much cuter and thinner than them in ten years.  Don’t really worry about exams because you won’t go to university and won’t need to know the square root of 57883.22 or what ever it is they’re going to teach you in Economics and Business Economics…  Please pay attention in Home Economics though because being a goddess in the kitchen proves handy!  The other thing is you have to stop smoking (even though you will start again in your thirties) and attend PE because you will become a professional cyclist in a few years and a bit of muscle tone will help!

In 1998 you will get the urge to shave your head, please don’t do it. You get a bit fat after school and the addition of a shaved head makes you look really, REALLY kak even though you think you look very cool.  Then later you will decide to bleach this short hair do.  Please don’t.  It looks even kakker!  Don’t drink too much beer when you stay in Cape Town because you’re really going to struggle to lose all that weight in the years to come but it is a lot of fun so don’t hold back too much!

Between 1998 and 2010 I can’t find too much fault with how you keep yourself busy.  I also don’t want you to do things too different because in 2012 you are very happy and won’t want to be in a different space! The only hint I will give you about this time is that in January 2008 you will fall of your bicycle and get hurt very, very badly. Don’t worry, you’re not dying even though it feels like it.  They will give you morphine at the hospital and it will take all the pain away.  And please don’t check yourself out a day early! You’re going to need the extra day so stay put!  You will meet people who will teach you about love, life and also about pain and disappointment but overall you do well for yourself.  I don’t want to tell you what your job will be because it’s gonna be one hell of a surprise.  All I’ll say its very interesting and grosses many people out so you will love it!

Towards 2012 you will have to make very difficult decisions but trust your gut and know it’s the right thing even though it feels like these decisions will rip out the same gut telling you to do it! Time heals everything and life is beautiful! Trust, love and know yourself because you’re awesome, beautiful and strong!

Lots of love!

33 Year old Altie.