This pic was taken at Robberg just outside Plettenberg Bay.  It was the day after the Otter Trail run and I stumbled with my sore legs a few hundred metres down the trail and then decided to rather turn around in fear of tumbling down a cliff, because I tripped over a small rock not being able to lift my legs from being in too much pain from the day before! I want to however go back there and swim at the beach in the background even though you’re not alowed to do so and may be eaten by sharks but life is too short right?



I spent the past long weekend at one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.  My family’s farm close to Thabazimbi appropriately named Geluk.  Having to brave the Brits potholes and then a long 40km drive over the worst dirt roads you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, where you can still sleep with your doors and windows open, the biggest threat coming from spiders and snakes.

It is difficult to put the magic on the farm into words, but these are a few words that come to mind when I think of the farm.

Sun, Ronde Voete, Dust, Heat, Fun, Captain, Braaibroodjies, Silence, Joy, Steak, Beer, Jenga, Naps, Clean Air, Sunrise, Family, Friends, Wind, Vlakvarke, Coffee, Thorns, Brunch, Dogs, Walks, Laughter, Stories, Jokes, Masjien Taal, Tsonga moments, hammocks, Bugs, Wine, Running, Sunsets, Stars…

Random I know…

I feel old

I recently started going through all my photo’s and found these pics taken before our Matric reunion a few years ago.  When I recently visited Janine we also realised that this year we’re friends allready for 20 years.  We allways joke and say we’ve been friends through ‘thick and thin’ literally.  We’ve both been thick at times but this is one of our thin times.  Love you so much Nini!


This photo was taken on one of our MTN Training camps in 2008 in undoubtably one of my favorite places in the country. Graskop.  Cyclists will understand that when you see one of these road signs you’re either gonna have a lot of fun or cry for your mommy.  Taken at the top of Robbers Pass I was luckily on my way down. I went back there earlier this year to ride a bit and it’s still magical.  You’re not a cyclist untill you’ve bled on the climbs in the lowveld.