Some more unimportant meme drivel

Another meme stolen from Angel

Age – I turned 33 a week ago and I actually celebrated for about a week… And I still feel 25!

Bed size – um… KING! For now…

Chore you hate – Emptying the dustbin. I don’t do that!

Dogs – None at the moment but my sister owns 11 so I’m cool with that.

Essential start to your day – Well duh! Coffee.

Favourite colour – At the moment I would have to say aquamarine… I think that’s what it’s called…

Gold or silver – Neither. I don’t wear that type of jewelry and if I would have to choose I would say Platinum and I guess that doesn’t count.

Height – 1.72 and I’m sure I’m getting shorter…

Job title – I have a very colorful story of what the people from the Netherlands call what I do but I don’t know who reads this blog and I don’t want to offend anybody so let’s go with Stable Manager… I am in the VERY privileged position to work for the biggest and best (in my opinion) Friesian Stud in South Africa, Doorndraai Friesian Stud, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Kids– Nope, I do want kids but then when I go to Woolworths and there is a mom behind me in the queue looking like she wants to run away with a screaming baby in the cart and another one tugging at her dress with a face full of chocolate I am actually relieved that hasn’t happened for me yet.

Live – In Blue Bulls country!

Mom’s name – Altie, So technically I’m Altie Jnr.  I am kinda my moms clone.

Nicknames – When I was still cycling I had 2.  Bomber, because I flew downhill like a bomber, dropping bombs on innocent villagers and the other one AltieAltitude, for reason’s unknown because I was never a good climber.  Where it comes from is open for discussion.

Overnight hospital stays – Too many to remember. Ear, appendix, ear, Asthma, ear and then the worst was by far when I crashed myself to pieces in Clarens and broke my collar bone and scapula.

Pet peeve – I have many but sitting here right now I can’t think of any… I would have to say traffic.

Quote from a movie– ‘You can’t Polish a Turd’ – Owen Wilson in Drillbit Taylor.  Very, very true!

Righty or lefty– Righty, and very much so! The whole left side of my body is pathetic.

Siblings– Two sisters.

Time you wake up– I usually wake up a little while before the sun comes up so it varies from winter to summer.

Underwear – It’s a secret

Vegetables you dislike– I love veggies but can’t put my lips to brussel sprouts. YUK!  I could probably eat it if you serve it with a block of melted cheese though…

What makes you run late– Nothing, I am never late.

X-rays– Too many. Being a cyclist doesn’t really help.  Ear, Shoulder, Ear, Colar bone, Ear, Sinus, Scapula, Ear, Hand, Ear, Scull, Ear, Arm, Ear… I think you get the idea.

Yummy food you make– I am a foodie and love spending time in the kitchen with a glass of wine. I don’t want to brag but I get complimented on my cooking all the time.

Zoo favourite animal – I love seeing all the funky animals we don’t have in South Africa like Koala bears, Red Panda’s, Kangeroos, Chimps, Bears and the like. And I go to the zoo at least once a year.


My new Tattoo

I have been wanting to go for another tattoo for… well since I got my first one almost 15 years ago. I reckon you’re either a tattoo person or you’re not. Well I’m definitely a tattoo person. I had the standard panic before the time fearing that the very cool Cathy’s hand would slip and I would have a very unsightly something on my arm or that it would turn out looking silly. What it actually means is not important, the only thing that is important is that it’s part of my process… And I love it!


Growing Up

I know I’m getting old because I had a thought that started with ‘Kids nowadays….’ Mortified this got me thinking about how much has changed in the past twenty years.  My dad always told a story about how he had to milk the cows before he went to school.  He told that bloody story about once a week…

So these are things that stand out in my mind from growing up… And growing up in the eighties sure was fun!

  1.  Played in the mud and actually sold ‘modder koeke’ to my parents
  2. Walked to the corner shop three blocks away from my house armed with R2.00 that you could buy a sweet, a packet of chips and a cream soda.
  3. Climbed trees and occasionally fell out
  4. Swam till my toes had no skin on from jumping in and out the pool
  5. Slept under the table while my parents played scrabble
  6. Magnum, McGuyver and Airwolf
  7. Played tennis against the wall until all the neighbours went crazy
  8. Roller skating and later Roller blading
  9. Walked to school, FAR!
  10. Zet and the crazy guy that drew the bible stories. He sure could colour fast.
  11. Took the bus to go somewhere alone
  12. Being chased to bed when Dalas started
  13. Pac Man
  14. Telephone with no buttons
  15. Good Morning South Africa & Body Beat
  16. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny
  17. Skipping out on church on sunday nights to watch 50/50
  18. Passing notes in class at school
  19. Movies at Sterland in Sunny Side
  20. Flinkdink and Edwil van Aarde
  21. Haas Das, Knersis, Mina Moo and ‘Manemerak is my naam, ek kom ver van hier vandaan’
  22. Old R2 notes and the huge amount of chappies you could buy with them
  23. He-Man
  24. TV’s without remote controls
  25. Church bazaars
  26. Playing ‘Toktokkie’
  27. Ballade vir ‘n enkeling…
  28. ‘Orkney Snork Nie’, ‘Arende’ en ‘Vyf Ster’

This is also a work in progress so feel free to add if you grew up in the eighties!

My Bucket List

My official Bucket List

I have decided to make my own bucket list… And today while I’m drafting this list I fully intend to do the things on this list! So help me God.  I have to just say that after starting the list I went into a bit of a panic as I am very worried that I won’t get to do all these things… Well I’m hell bent on trying.

So here it is in no particular order:

  1. Go on a real African Safari in Botswana, Zambia or Tanzania
  2. Take my own dogs that I don’t have yet to the beach
  3. Get another tattoo DONE
  4. Run the Augrabies Extreme Marathon
  5. Go on a holiday in a camper van
  6. Do the Otter Trail Run and finish it DONE, only just but none the less…
  7. Write a book
  8. Go camping in the Kruger Park for 2 weeks
  9. Volunteer at a Wildlife rehabilitation centre
  10. Drive a cabriolet through a desert a tad pissed without my top
  11. Grow my hair that it’s so long I have a braid that reaches my ass
  12. Take part in a under saddle class with my girlie horse Delilah
  13. Do a Mountain Bike stage race with a friend
  14. Take part in a proper Poker tournament
  15. Dip Dye my hair
  16. Water Ski without tearing any muscles
  17. Go to the West Coast to eat snoek and go fishing
  18. Go to a race track and put money on a horse race
  19. Go to the Okavango Delta
  20. Learn to play the piano ‘again’
  21. Visit South America and get bitten by 1000 mosquito’s
  22. Ride an elephant
  23. Ride a camel
  24. Learn to drink espresso DONE
  25. Do a Trail run Stage race with a friend
  26. White Water Rafting in Zambia
  27. Watch a big concert like Lady Gaga before I’m too old to enjoy it
  28. Learn to play and understand Golf
  29. Bungee Jump at the Blou Krans Bridge in the Eastern Cape
  30. Go to the Fish River Canyon
  31. Go to the Kalahari
  32. Do the half Ironman Triathlon
  33. Learn to drink and enjoy Whiskey
  34. Go wine tasting in the Cape
  35. Start a book club
  36. Braai a warthog on the spit
  37. Smoke a joint in the middle of the bushveld
  38. Go for a drink at the ‘Big Baobab Bar’ in Modjadi’s kloof in Limpopo
  39. Go to Robin Island
  40. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  41. Spend a whole weekend sleeping not getting out of bed
  42. Have a vegetable patch
  43. Go hiking in the Drakensberg
  44. Climb Kilimanjaro
  45. Go watch a local soccer derby at Soccer city, Makarappa, Vuvuzela & all
  46. Swim with dolphins in the ocean DONE
  47. Ride a Jet Ski
  48. Cage diving with Sharks in Cape Town
  49. Have children… One day
  50. Go to Thailand
  51. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  52. Go on a holiday on a houseboat or a yacht
  53. Do the Duzi race
  54. Go Skiing
  55. Learn to ride a motorbike and ride across Botswana
  56. Accept myself for who I am, be happy and live everyday as if it’s my last DONE

This list is a work in progress…

A List of Favorites – mEmE

Another day another meme… Also to be found here: Jenty  Gina’s  Cat’s Angel’s Mind and OF COURSE Alida

Favourite song – I am somebody who can listen to a song on repeat for 9 days non stop not getting tired of it. Untill recently it was the entire Lana Del Rey – Born to Die CD but yesterday I discovered a new gal called Tailor (NOT SWIFT) She is dark, depressing and strange! Love it!

Favourite shop – Woolworths. For everything from food to clothes to airtime:)

Favourite chocolate – Lindt, Lindt LINDT o did I say L.I.N.D.T!!

Favourite food – I am a total foodie and eat allmost anything… Sushi and seafood is however at the top of my list.

Favourite flower – Wild Flowers or Roses

Favourite shoes – My gumboots. This is problematic in summer as stumbling around outside in 35 degree heat in my boots becomes a bit… How shall I put this… Sweaty. Otherwise my red All Stars.  I have a pair of ankle breakers but don’t wear them often.

Favourite drink – Good Red Wine like Diemersfontein Pinotage or KWV Cafe Pinotage, Orange Juice and COFFEE

Favourite lens – I take photo’s with my ‘ekPhone’ so…

Favourite place to walk the dogs – Don’t have my own dogs but my sister’s ‘pack’ spend a lot of time with me outside with the horses so I would have to say the stables.

Favourite place to take the kids – Kids… What kids…

Favourite coffee for every day at home – Jakobs Kronung and when I can get it Douwe Egberts Kenyan Mocha, very yummie!

Favourite coffee shop – Bicccs in Waterkloof. I have been going there since they started out and have introduced many of my friends to the splendour that is Gavin’s Bread, Ice Cream, Croisants, Cakes, Coffee and Sandwiches (BICCCS) I like sitting there for so long that I first have a breakfast then lunch and then cake…

Favourite pizza place – Pascali’s or Caraffa

Favourite place to take photos – Everywhere.  I take photo’s of EVERYTHING especially animals.

Favourite place for holidays – Kruger Park, Garden Route or my family’s farm.

Favourit website –Easy one! Pinterest keeps me busy for hours. Love it.

These ones were not on the original List but I felt I had to add it

Favourite Biscuits – Iced Zoo…

Favourite Movie – The Professional, Big Blue and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape