My new Slippers

I have to say that for the first time ever I was able to buy girlie pink takkies. (Not really me, My sister Marlise bought them for me, Thanks Sis) I have the flattest strangest feet and usually have to buy the ugly guy version… Well not this time. I don’t know what has happened to my feet in the past few months but the pink shoes seem to fit. Maybe my feet shrunk at the Comrades or something but what ever it is, I am not complaining! I blinded everybody at the Tukkies Timetrial yesterday and plan to go chase around some local wildlife with them this afternoon!



Craziness atop a Mountain


This is one of my all time favorite photo’s with one of my all time favorite friends.  Taken at the Magalies Crazy Store 37km trail run.  I have the best people around me and this was such a special moment. The better half Eddie had his camera and took a quick pic before we decended down the slopes of a rather big hill.  My favorite type of people are the type of people that do crazy things like this for fun!

Project Skeletor

Recently I have been keeping myself busy and entertained with Project Skeletor. I have received so many questions about what this means that I will now proceed with a short explanation.

I am happiest when I’m aiming and working towards something and recently, in a typical moment of madness, I entered for the Otter Trail event. (YouTube clip, WATCH! It’s Awesome) This involves doing the entire hiking trail consisting of 42 brutally tough kilometres in one go with a time limit of 11 hours. When the opportunity presented itself and being a total sucker for punishment I only thought about doing this for about half a day before confirming the entry and really hurting my savings doing so.  So this is where Project Skeletor kicked in.  I realised that if I did not whip my considerable ass into shape I would actually have to use the compulsory whistle and space blanket when the trail running gods reduced me to a teary heap lying next to the Bloukrans River.

So Project Skeletor is actually just a fun way of describing a really annoying and depressing thing.   A Diet that involves going to bed every night with a grumbly stomach in the pursuit of fitness and a strange sense of sanity.  I won’t go into too many details of what this diet involves as my beer, wine and tuna consumption has raised a few eyebrows.  I have to just admit that it’s a lot more successful than the futile cupcake diet of 2011.  So watch this space for a follow up story that will hopefully involve me not chasing cut offs at the otter or rolling down a flight of never ending steps.

Shoe Adjustment

My training for the Comrades have started and things are going very well. I am however very worried about my left foot. I am officially 32 but have the left foot of a 87-year-old woman. So I went ahead and cut a hole where my bunion is. The girl at the running shop actually laughed at me and looked at me as if I was crazy when I suggested this plan but I went ahead any way. It was a bit difficult to cut a hole in a perfectly new shoe that cost over R1 000.00 but it had to be done! I will report back regarding the success of this shoe mutilation.



The Rudemans Kaapsehoop 3 in 1 Race started at the new Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit. What a venue.

I don’t think you can ever know how hard a marathon will be untill you’ve completed one! I never knew that I would be reduced to a sad puddle of tears, snot and sweat by a simple thing like a marathon. Surely I’m tougher than the hairy, round apple shaped people that make it look so easy. Well, I was not. Being my first marathon I thought choosing the downhill course at the Rudemans Kaapsehoop 3 in 1 would count be easy, but it wasn’t. I would have been better off had a lion mauled me.

Anybody that knows me, knows I have a serious problem with pacing myself and struggle to not get swept up in the excitement at the start of a race. I thought I had my personality under controll at the start but yet again I was wrong. I ignored all the advice before the race of “If you run too fast the first 21, you will not make the second 21!” I thought, “How bad could it be”. It turned out it could be pretty fucking bad! Polishing the first half of the race in 1h53 minutes, I was well on track to hit my goal time of sub 4 hours. I was however slightly worried about the way my legs were feeling, I tried not to think about the fact that I still had 20km to run and my legs allready felt like jelly. The other mistake I made was that I never walked in the first 21km and also didn’t really eat much. After being caught by a friend and trying to keep up with them I realised I was going to have to run my own pace if I didn’t want to end up lying next to the road waiting for a ambulance to pick me up. I said adios to my two friends and decided to walk a bit. It was the end of my race…

Ten angels of doom decended on me and my body decided “Screw you woman! If you’re gonna run downhill like a hell bent rabit, I will pay you back.” My feet and legs took such a hammering on the downhills in the first half of the race that I could no longer just run along, never mind walk. Nothing helped, no matter what I did, I was suffering. I was however surrounded by people who seemed to be in the same position as me. A girl running just ahead of me pulled off the road and started throwing up in the bushes, she would catch me, pass me and then soon throw up again. I was at least lucky not to run pucking into the bushes. When I made the turn up to the finish I could all of a sudden run again as my body didn’t have such a big problem with the uphills. I had 4km and 40 minutes to make the cut off time. I put my head down and made up a bit of time. It was however in the last 400m that I got a bit of pride back, a lycra clad fat woman was just ahead of me and I decided, “Like hell, this lycra clad person was going to beat me”. I killed myself to pass her and for once understood that the poor people that get carried over the finish line at the comrades are actually not faking. It is that hard… I really hope getting carried over the line is not in my future!

At the start, still full of hope and blissfully unaware of what was to come…