Day 29 – Something that makes you laugh till your tummy hurts

I would have to say Pinterest! It’s like a treasure chest of tasteless jokes! I often sit browsing and find stuff that make me laugh so much I end up in a crying heap behind my laptop! So here are three of my favorite Pinterest Jokes of all time!



Day 27 – If you got pregnant what would you do

This is probably what would happen:

1. I would do 10 pregnancy tests to make sure it’s not a mistake

2. Upon finding out that it’s not a mistake I will probably faint/throw up/curse/have heart failure or a combination of the four

3. And then I will then get over myself and deal with it.

I am a firm believer that nobody get’s pregnant by accident so unless God decides to punish me for my arogance I know this little surprise will not be one to brighten my day any time soon! Funny enough most of my friends actually really struggled to get pregnant so I allways wonder when those types of ‘accidents’ happen. I am also terrified of bringing a child into a relationship that is not rock solid as I have seen the most solid of relationships take strain under the crying, druling, sleepless test that is children. I also really think women often use getting pregnant as a weapon to snare or keep a man and for this they should be dragged out into the street and… Never mind…

Day 26 – What is the best thing going for you right now

Being positive. Yes I know my vomiting rainbows can sometimes get a bit much but being the way I am has attracted good things and people in my life that has made it better in every possible way! I’m not sure how the saying goes but I’m sure it’s something like you attract more bees with honey… So I guess honey and rainbows will always work better that poop and lightning bolts. The other problem with poop and lightning bolts is that you will probably attract something other and more sinister than bees… But let’s leave it there before this post gets completely out of control. I just really hope to always stay this way and never turn into a bitter, hateful, self-absorbed, shriveled up witch. That would simply be no fun now would it?

Day 25 – Have you ever thought about giving up on life, if so why

HELL This blog challenge is deep and some of these subjects are really busting my ass… I love life so much that the thought of death completely terrifies me so no, I have never and will never think about giving up on life. I often wish I had a pause button so I could make moments last longer, have more hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month and months in the year!

Sometimes when life is just too much I actually don’t mind because it’s also a natural feeling that humans have to cope with so I just try to suck it up and carry on reminding myself of my motto that ‘This too shall pass’.

And when I die one day I want my ash to be shot out of a cannon by a clown at a carnival with some silly music playing and all my friends and family drunk on rum! Not really but the idea makes this whole topic seem a little bit less depressing, so for this here post above mentioned clown shooting ash from canon is proper appropriate!